Sunday, July 30, 2006

An update From Oxford!!! 30/7/06
I need to stay here 2 more days !!<: I love it here so much!!I don't want to go back to Hong Kong!!I have had a great time here!Anyway,I gave my email to my friends, and I took a picture with them.>33<They are all friendly, kind, nice!I love talking with them!!I love sleeping with them!!I love eating with them!!I love shopping with them!!I love you all!!!
I went to London and Stonehenge with my friend,Monika!!!I went to shopping in London and Stonehenge!!!I bought many things for my best friends!!I miss my friends very much!!=}
I won't forget you all!! >33333333333<
>3< >3< >3< >3< >3< >3< >3< >3< >3< >3< >3< >3< >3< >3<


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